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Nathan Ironside



Nathan specializes in bringing the best out of people “It’s all about communication, what are you trying to communicate to people from your creation? What do you want them to get… to feel?” says the producer, “It’s not about me, I need to fully comprehend what the artist wants to achieve and bring that and more out of them”.

Whether you’re a new band or an established professional Nathans focus is to make you shine, but also how to get it done at the highest quality while you enjoy the process. “There should be no weak link in the chain… If your song doesn’t make me dance around the studio, sing along, laugh, cry, introspectively challenge myself, relax, or cause a motivated response then there is a link somewhere in the chain that’s broken… A melody, a hook, a beat, a harmony, a better quality cable, a faster compressor, a punchier snare, a captivating vocal… lets find it and not compromise anything!”, says Nathan.

Ironside doesn’t pretend to have arrived but is certainly passionate about creating excellence. “Ironside Creations” is simply another step in his quest to learn more, say more and over time communicate more to a listening audience.

Read on about the journey so far.

For Nathan, there was never a choice in the matter—at a very young age, music found him. The first thing Nathan studied was ear training. At the age of 4 when mum and dad (Ps. David & Norma Ironside) heard the youngster effortlessly replicating on the piano the melodies he heard from the records playing at home, they decided it was then time for Nathan to have the opportunity to develop his innate talent with some training. So from the age of 4-6 Nathan found himself acing his musical ear training classes centrerd around the piano.

Skipping forward a few years and following a six year stint living with his parents in Malawi, Africa and many keyboard, guitar and drum lessons later… At the age of 14, Nathan began writing songs - Too many that those close to him were quiet annoyed that every conversation was interrupted and diverted to ‘Hey, have a listen to these new songs I’m working on… you’re gonna love it’. - Despite the often over zealousness… it paid off… it wasn’t long before these songs and young creativity would find more outlets.

At the age of 16 Nathan began producing music. Initially he was coached and mentored by his older brother Andrew Ironside (whom is a renowned songwriter, producer, artist, and minister). A passion for production grew and at the age of 17 young Ironside started his first home studio while still working alongside brother Andrew and also various other studios around QLD, Australia. The projects that came out that era were raw, passionate and some should never be heard again=), however it didn’t take long before people started calling Nathan to work on their recordings. (Some of the earlier production work can be heard on the ‘Ironside Sounds’ page ).

While developing his skills in the studio and straight out of studying audio engineering at ‘SAE’ college in Brisbane, Nathan also spent 3 years working as a producer and production manger for the southern hemispheres largest radio broadcasting company ‘Voice International’.

In 2001 following numerous live tours and production work supporting Andrew Ironside, recordings with Youthoria and Suncoast Christian Church, Citipointe C.O.C and various other artists, Nathan and some close friends started a band called ‘Audience’ (Later known as ‘The Stirring’).

As lead singer and producer, Nathan recorded the bands first self-titled EP and ‘Audience’ immediately picked up some national awards in Australia such as '2004 Rock Artist of the Year', and '2004 Festival Music Publishing Award' at the ‘Music-Oz’ awards and performed live on national television at the awards ceremony. The following months were filled with opportunities including music industry attention, record deal offers and Nathan producing their second EP (‘Can you hear me?’) with legendary artist Daniel Jones (of Savage Garden) at Daniels Gold-Coast studio.

After opting out of an Australian recording contract, ‘Audience’ set their sights to the International music scene, Brighton, UK, in particular. The band made a fresh UK start with a name change to ‘The Stirring’, and quickly built a loyal fanbase with their live show and quality recordings around Brighton, London and the South of England. The quality production and sound of ‘The Stirring’ began to get noticed and it wasn’t long before Nathan was producing artists around Brighton and Europe that had heard his bands passionate recordings.

‘The Stirring’ dis-banding in 2007 and from there Nathan continued producing in the UK with the likes of talented folk-rock artist David Hoffbrand (Album-Leitchtenstein), until in January of 2008 the homeland was calling and Nathan returned, this time making his hub in Sydney, Australia.

The last 2 years have been very eventful for Mr. Ironside. Firstly he is now married to the lovely Mary Leidy Ironside (as of 20th February 2010) and in May 2010 ‘Ironside Creations’ is born. (No … Mary is not pregnant… yet=)

2008-2009 saw Nathan write and produce some of his best work with Sydney artist ‘Ruth Sinclair’, USA artist ‘HisNameHigh’, British songwriter Howard Banks, British rapper MC Tempo, Sydney rappers ‘Purified Testimony’, Sydney band ‘Days Between’ and Andrew Ironsides Worship Encounter 2’ and ‘Highland Call’. Other projects have included production work for Shout/Hillsong publishing, Radio commercials and an ongoing video production with Mary Ironside titled ‘What the world needs’ (To be released late 2010)

Nathan has also been worship leading, directing a music team and mixing live sound for Hillsong Macquarie extension service: “Staying connected to a church community and a group of amazing people who you do life with is the best thing! … it keeps you real, vulnerable and somehow… balanced in an un-balanced world” sais Nathan.

Nathan ‘hears’ life through different ears. Aside from the albums produced and songs written for other artists the best way to discover this is to check out his debut solo EP ‘Your love is real’. It’s been well worth the wait and it’s the beginning of an exciting new chapter in his life. Check it out on the ‘Nathan Ironside’ artist page. Please turn it up … listen … enjoy !

Of course this isn’t the whole story, ‘Ironside Creations’ is set to be the launch pad for many exciting projects. Nathan is confidant the future is holding the best creativity for him and many collaborators.

So listen to the music and stay connected for more … much more ... excellence in creativity!