Songs from 'Your love is real' (ep)

Track 1 - Your Love is Real

Your love is real.mp3

Track 2 - Let Your love overtake

Let Your love overtake.mp3

Track 3 - Show Your Glory

Show Your Glory.mp3

Track 4 - His Name Alone (Psalm 34 song)

His Name Alone.mp3

Track 5 - Have you heard? (Isaiah 40:28-31)

Have you heard.mp3

Album Cover

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“Hi everyone,

Thanks for checking out my brand new music page! This EP is really exciting for me… It’s different to have my own name on the cover rather than an artist I’m producing or writing for … Many of you have been asking for it and it’s finally here.

The songs have honestly come from a place of vulnerability with God, and through allowing him to absolutely search me and turn me upside down and inside out, shaking the old out to allow room for His new to burst out!

“Forever I’ll give You the best me my everything my all, surrendered to Your reality I receive Your love … Your love is real”

I think sums it up best.

Thanks for dropping by and keep checking back for regular updates ...

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Big Love,


‘Your love is real’ Production Credits

 PRODUCED BY Ironside Creations 2010

MIXED AND MASTERED BY James Hurley and Nathan Ironside

MIXED AT 11th Hour Studios


DESIGN Dan Mylonas

VOCALS Nathan Ironside


DRUMS Espen Volstad

BASS Nathan Ironside

ELECTRIC GUITARS Chucky Conners and Nathan Ironside

ACOUSTIC GUITARS Nathan Ironside and James “Brave” Hurley

KEYBOARDS David Andrew

PROGRAMING Nathan Ironside, David Andrew and James Hurley

‘Your love is real’ Thanks

“Firstly to my Father God, my Savior Jesus Christ and constant companion and creative consultant the Holy Spirit. Thank You Lord for the blessing to sing to and for you! To ‘Mi Amor’ my wife and best friend Mary: You’re an amazing inspiration every day and I’m so blessed to have you by my side, working, praying and doing life together… Thanks for the late nights and dreaming big things with me… muy bien first project! … X.

To my parents Mum & Dad, Mami & Papi and the whole family: Thanks so much for being an example of ‘Great God Living ! and for your prayers, unconditional love and constant encouragement.

Thanks to James Hurley for super sonic love and quality friendship as always… I’m enjoying this journey mate ! Fun roads ahead.

David Andrew: You surprise me every time with your enthusiastic energy, humor and delightful ear candy ! looking forward to more creative collaborations.

Chucky: Thanks for your vibrant sounds and persistence in the studio… You never fail to have fun while outputting brilliance!

Dan: Don’t know how you did it .. but you captured it ! Simple and profound… great to work with you!!

Eliud: You’re a blessing and we’re really expectant of what God is doing in and through you bro !

11th Hour Studios: Thanks to Jim Monk and Andrew Crawford for being a great help to me as a producer, I’ve learnt loads just being around you.

PLEASE TURN IT UP:::RECEIVE:::ENJOY! His love is real.”